PenguBot Premium Migration

PenguBot Premium Migration

Hey everyone! This is an update regarding our Premium system.

In April, Discord introduced new security measures for bots that will take effect in October, which will prohibit unverified bots to access information like server members and playing statuses. Unfortunately, this means that the Premium Bot (red profile picture) won't function properly, so we've found a work around!

Your premium status, settings and features are now synced with the main PenguBot (blue profile picture), which can be invited from here. This means, that you can use all the premium features without the need to add a separate bot!

Be aware, that after October 1st, the Premium Bot will go offline, as we're only keeping the main bot to make everything simple for you, premium users (as well as the Premium bot won't function properly after that date).

If you have any questions or problems, be sure to send a message in #donator-support or open a ticket in #support. (You should already be in our support server, but in-case you're not, just click here). We're ready to help!

Best regards,
- PenguBot Team

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