Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Update

This post discusses the new Privacy and Terms of Service policy changes effective from October 1st 2020 in summary.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Update

Hello everyone, this post is to announce our new Privacy and Terms of Service policies which will be effective from 1st October 2020 starting at 12:00 AM (IST) on (the website), PenguBot (the Discord bot) and other related services.

Privacy Policy Changes

You must be curious to know and understand about what has been changed. I will be summarising the major changes which have been made which allows us to be more transparent to our users and give them proper ways to communicate and understand the rights regarding their own privacy.

  1. We now clearly state the type of data we collect, where it is stored, how it is stored, processed and who has access to it.
  2. We are not in the business of selling data and we have mentioned it in the policy. There however may be exceptions for third-partiy tools and cases where we may have to disclose your information due to legal requirements which can be found on the policy page in detail.
  3. We do not offer our services to children. Our services are only meant to be used by people aged 13 and above, or more if their law states otherwise.
  4. We are now GDPR and CCPA compliant which means users in the EU have special rights for their data under the GDPR and users in California have special rights to their data under the CCPA.
  5. The policy states that we do not monitor or have any liability of external and third-party links and services.
  6. And lastly we mention that we can introduce new changes to the policy without any prior notice and you should regularly check our page to know about any new changes. Though don't worry, we usually announce major changes on our Community Discord Server or Twitter.

Terms of Service Changes

No major changes have been made to our Terms of Service. We have changed how it looks and at few places some gramatical updates. You can read the full policy here.

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